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Dalí Museum

For all those art lovers out there, you’ll love the fact that the Dalí Theatre-Museum is just one hour away. This is a museum dedicated to the work of this charismatic artist who caught the attention of the entire world. He became an icon in the art world and turned into one of the most prominent and widely recognised figures in Spain.

This museum is found at no. 5 Plaza Gala-Salvador Dalí, in Figueras – the artist’s hometown. You can’t miss this building, which was the former Municipal Theatre. As could be expected, it has an extremely striking and easily recognisable appearance, which perfectly represents the artist’s eccentric personality. In fact, Dalí himself was involved in the many modifications and extensions carried out from its inauguration until his death, although changes have continued to be made afterwards. In 1998, the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation undertook its most recent refurbishment, which involved rebuilding the museum’s old geodesic dome, which is one of the museum’s hallmarks.

After the decision to open, Dalí put in his will that he would leave his artistic legacy under the Patrimonio Nacional (‘National Heritage’), bequeathing most of his work to the Dalí Theatre-Museum. At present, you can enjoy different collections that show the evolution of their author. They include works of art of all kinds: paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, installation artworks, photographs, jewellery, etc. There are also works by other artists who Dalí himself invited to exhibit in his museum.

A different experience, a far cry from traditional museums with their endless hallways and classic, boring galleries. Check its opening times and take the opportunity to discover the charms of Salvador Dalí’s hometown. From the old medieval walls to the Sant Ferran castle, explore this town teeming with history that you’ll simply love.